Who We Are

Helene Bruhn Zacks leads WaxWings Candles with passion and dedication. Owner and the woman wielding the whip, she brings a unique and creative view to the world of candles. Dedicated to always bringing the best she can, she is involved in every step of the process, making sure that only perfection is offered to our clients and customers.

Happily married to a very patient man and totally in love with her dog, Ellie, she hopes you enjoy the creations of WaxWings as much as she has enjoyed conjuring them up.

Lorna Cowie is the creative consultant and artistic elf of WaxWings Candles. She has a magic wand and waves it over various things to enhance their beauty and bring forth their inner glow. Or something like that. Her unusual knowledge of scents and keen eye to anything artistic adds that creative flare to anything she touches.

Happily with her grumpy man, and surrounded by cats, she just likes to make things pretty and smell nice.