The Queen’s Poison


One drop, two drops, no more, no less. Stirred into the warming goblet of damson wine, seasoned with autumn fruits and the very faintest touches of vanilla and citrus, to hide the death cleverly dripped inside.

Decadent and delightful, the Queen has exquisite taste. Her clothes, silks spun with the hands of a virgin maiden, and her jewels, pearls from the deepest sea adorning gold mined only by the strongest of dwarves. She could not want for more.

Bar, of course, stopping the wandering gaze of the King. Gifted to him, such as is their way, at a tender age, she grew up in the Court and soon realised that if you peeled back the gloss, the gems, the nobility of this high race, you soon found the deepest and darkest of secrets.

Secrets you can mould and meld to your own devices. Like a poison, of course. A poison… fit for a King.

The Queen’s Poison is a full-bodied deliciously dark and fruity scent. So much so it can make the mouth water, literally.

Opulent fruity notes of damson plum, dark berries, and cassis dance with rambling roses, wildflowers, and citrus, before being brought together with the rich history of the Elven Court in sensual accents of patchouli, vanilla, oakmoss, and fir.

This scent is not for the light-hearted. It is, of course, the Queen.